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We understand that there are millions of writers with stories to tell.  While we would love to serve those masses, we can only accept a few projects a year.  We want our authors to receive the best we have to offer, and we can only offer this by being careful of our bandwidth as a small publisher.

If you are a writer seeking advance payment for your books, Sammie Lou Books LLC is not the publisher for you.  We can support authors by providing editing, design consultation, print service and marketing.  We will work on behalf of our authors to bring their stories to the marketplace with a customized strategy for each author and book.  Writers will be

compensated based solely on their books that sell, with a percentage paid to Sammie Lou Books LLC.  Ownership of the titled works will belong to Sammie Lou Books LLC.


If you have an idea you would like to explore with Sammie Lou Books, click here.  We will respond within 30 business days of the submission. 

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